We invite you to use our application and make purchases via the Internet. We believe that this form of marketing will make the purchases for you easier and more enjoyable. We hope that this form of marketing will appeal to you.

Kontakt do obsługi technicznej serwisu:
tomasz.pasierb@orzelek.com.pl, tel.: 510 007 132

wholesale point website


Korzystanie z serwisu wymaga wcześniejszej rejestracji w naszym systemie sprzedażowym.

Wholesale point website can take orders using several types of interface: http interface - manual and automatic, automatic ftp interface, automatic e-mail interface, automatic XMPP interface. At the moment the e-wholesaler serves approximately one hundred formats of imported files, including the follwoing formats: txt, xml, html, rtf, xls, ods, pdf, dbf.